We’re taking a deep dive into meal planning this week. From how to make meal planning work in real life, common mistakes, specific mindset strategies, and action steps, this episode is packed with information to help you meal plan (even if you hate the idea right now)!

Key Takeaways

1 | Let Go of Perfect

There is no such thing as perfect meal planning.

Let go of unrealistic expectations and rigid plans in favor of simplicity, and work within the context of your real life.

Action Step: Can you think of a specific example when perfect meal planning or following a rigid plan kept you from meal planning?

If so, how can you reset expectations and try again?

2 | Know your Why

Keeping in mind why you are meal planning and cooking at home can help keep you on track and motivated over time.

If your why includes goals for the future, see if you can add a few that are more immediate.

Action Step: Make a list of why you want to meal plan and cook at home.

Then add a few immediate outcomes to the list.

3 | Simplify

Complicated recipes and long ingredient lists are a sure why to burnout and ditch meal planning altogether. Instead, try simplifying.

Think of recipes in terms of the Essential Six, and Meal Map instead of meal planning.

Simplifying the process will allow you to know what you need at the grocery store and then have ingredients on hand to throw together meals in minutes.

Action Step: Think about ways you can simplify meal planning.

Try adopting the Essential Six and Meal Mapping approach and see if it makes things easier.

4 | Make it Enjoyable

Take meal planning off the dreaded chore list and move it into the self-care category.

Pour yourself a cup of tea or glass of wine, put on some good music, and take a few moments to prepare for the week in comfort.

Action Step: Brainstorm a few ways you can make the process of meal planning more enjoyable and nurturing.

5 | Enlist Help

There is no rule you need to do everything yourself. Invite others in your life to help with the process, whether it’s picking up groceries or taking something off your plate.

Action Step: Think about ways you can invite help when it comes to meal planning. Then reach out and ask!

6 | Anything is Better Than Nothing

In the ideal world we’d all have every meal planned and ingredients on hand for effortless cooking.

Since the ideal isn’t always possible, just start with something. Plan one dinner. Batch cook one recipe. Start small. Then see how far you can go.

Action Step: How can you adopt the anything is better than nothing mentality this week? You don’t need to wait for the ideal, start now, start small, and enjoy the ride.


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