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first, please check out these faqs
I haven't received my book pre-order bonus bundle

First, check your spam and junk email folder. Then try filling out this form again. If you don’t receive the email within a few minutes, reach out using the form below and we’ll get you what you need!

May I share one of your podcasts episodes, photos or recipes?

You may share a link back to the podcast/post/episode and photo with credit. Please do not copy the entire recipe, post, or episode to your site, or use a photo without credit.

Do you accept guest posts?

Not at this time.

Do you accept Feel Good Effect podcast guest pitches?

Yes, but rarely. When pitching, please indicate why you or the guest would be a good fit for the show. Please know that I’m not able to respond to every pitch.

Do you provide nutrition information for recipes?

Not at this time. If nutritional information is important to you, try entering recipe ingredients into online nutrition calculator.

Can we send you a product to try?

You’re welcome to send product, particularly if you think it would be helpful to the Real Food Whole Life audience. I don’t do product reviews.

Do you offer coaching, consulting & speaking?

Yes! Let me know what you have in mind using the contact form below and we can discuss details. You can learn more about me and my offerings here.

I have a question about a recipe. 

Please ask your question in the comment section of the recipe. That way everyone can benefit from the answer.

Are you available for an interview?

Yes! I’m available for podcast and other interviews to discuss The Feel Good Effect. Please reach out using the form below.