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Welcome to Real Food Whole Life! Here you’ll find hundreds of easy and healthy recipes, plus strategies and resources for adding satisfying and simple recipes, and happy habits, to your everyday life. 

Beyond the easy-to-prepare recipes and cooking tips, you’ll also find a sense of ease and calm is encouraged, something that’s hard to find in our all-or-nothing, “push harder” world. 

Fill Your Cup + Empty Your To-Do List

Here we believe that gentle is the new perfect, so consider this your invitation to put aside the striving, pushing to do it all perfectly, or going all in (and then all out) when it comes to your health and happiness.

Together, we’ll uncover the simple habits that will allow you to fill your cup, empty your to-do list, and reclaim more calm, clarity & joy in your life.

Radically Simple, Ridiculously Doable

Here’s what you need to know about our approach: we believe in simplifying everything

That’s why all of Real Food Whole Life’s recipes fall into the category of “can something this simple really be this easy?” So simple that we often receive messages like this from readers:

“Your recipes are like a mystery to me. They’re like 4 ingredients and every time I’m like….suuuuurrreee this is gonna be good. There’s no way just four ingredients can turn into a meal… But every single time you are right! It’s amazing. Needs no additions, it’s like a magic trick. So thank you!” — Steph G.

Yes, on Real Food Whole Life recipes are uniquely organized for you by cooking method and level of ease — so simple, they’re basically magic! 🪄

Flat lay radish salad

Find an Easy Healthy Recipe

A new way to pursue #lifegoals that makes you feel happy not crappy

Before I started Real Food Whole Life, I was a researcher, and studied human behavior for over 20 years. I was fascinated then, as I am now, with how people make decisions, what we believe health is, and how we form and keep habits. What I’ve learned over the years is that what we think makes for a happy, healthy life doesn’t always line up with what the science says. 

We tend to think that health and happiness comes from working harder, having more willpower, and never making a mistake… It turns out, the opposite is true. In fact, science shows that happiness is far more related to establishing small habits (not relying on willpower alone), learning to be kind to yourself, and living a life in alignment with your values and how you want to feel. Really, it’s simpler than you think. 

Here at Real Food Whole Life, you’ll get science-backed resources to support your health, wellness, mindset and more through our sustainable, gentle approach.

Flat Lay Citrus

Start a New Happy Habit

And you don’t need to sort through journal articles, or go to school for psychology to find the “perfect” way to do things. We study the behavioral and mindfulness science, and do the heavy lifting for you. I literally wrote the book on feeling good, The Feel Good Effect, all in an effort to distill the small, science-backed, needle-moving tools and strategies that will help you feel good.

We’re going to help you find those life-changing quick wins to get you there without working harder, doing more, or adding “shoulds” to your list.

Your Feel Good Kit

Let’s create a healthy life in a simpler, more ease-filled and joyful way. To get you started, here are some free email courses for living the Real Food Whole Life lifestyle:

Flat lay radish salad

The Capsule Meal Plan

Download it here and learn more about my Capsule Meal Plan strategy to make planning your meals less stressful.

flat lay of sliced fruits and veggies with a capsule grocery list on white background

The Capsule Grocery List

Download it here and learn more about my Capsule Grocery List strategy to simplify grocery shopping for good.

White farmhouse sink with hydrangea flowers

Your Self-Care Routines Guide

Download it here and learn how to create sustainable, habit-based changes and find more calm while reaching your goals.

Credentials & Education

Robyn Conley Downs, MEd

Robyn Conley Downs is on a mission to help people find a new way to pursue #lifegoals that allow them to feel happy, not crappy by creating happy, healthy habits with ease. Best-selling author of The Feel Good Effect, host of The Feel Good Effect Podcast, founder & Editor in Chief of Real Food Whole Life, and founder & Director of The Feel Good Effect Coaching Certification, she believes in filling her cup before emptying her to-do list, and lives by the motto: gentle is the new perfect.

With a background in behavior change, psychology, and mindfulness, Robyn and her partner Dr. Andrew Downs have created a fresh approach to habit design that works like magic – all based on the question, “What about actually feeling good?” Together they distill the science of joyful, sustainable change, so you can clear your plate of all the “shoulds” and finally start feeling good.

Robyn professional credentials & education

The Good Stuff

  • Married to her “one and only” Dr. Andrew Downs for 19 years
  • Mom to the girl with strawberry blonde hair who goes by Elle
  • Frequent spiller of drinks, making parties particularly awkward

Andrew Downs, PhD

Robyn and Andrew

Dr. Andrew Downs received his Ph.D. from Washington State University with a specialty in clinical psychology. His research program focuses on examining techniques that promote positive development and wellness in individuals in various settings. At Real Food Whole Life, he with his spouse and business partner Robyn Downs to conduct research on simple, effective behavior change for your happiest, healthiest life.

Andrew professional credentials & education

The Good Stuff

  • Seems happy and whole, despite having no Instagram account
  • Chief dishwasher for thousands of Real Food Whole Life recipe projects
  • Never tells anyone he’s a psychologist so people don’t think he’s analyzing them (he’s usually not)

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