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Hosted by Robyn Conley Downs, the Feel Good Effect Podcast combines modern habit design and mindfulness to fill your cup, empty your to-do list, and lead you to a life that feels good. Subscribe for free anywhere you get your podcasts by clicking below.

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pink background with navy text that reads transition week with robyn conley downs

203 Transition Week

When it comes to pivots & new beginnings, there’s one common mistake I see people making over & over again (and it’s a habit I repeated myself for years). We’re talking about trying to do it all. When we make lots of big plans and jump in at full speed …

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10 simple daily habits for a healthier life

202 Healthy Habits: 10 Simple Daily Habits for a Healthier Life

Looking for the top 10 healthy habits you need to focus on? Then you’ve come to the right place!  I hope these tiny, tactical ideas inspire you to take action & find your feel good too! healthy habits: 10 simple daily habits for a healthier life In this episode, we …

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light blue background with royal blue text that reads10 simple daily habits for a happier life

201 Happy Habits: 10 Simple Daily Habits for a Happier Life

In this episode of the Feel Good Effect, we’re talking about the 10 simple, daily habits you can focus on to live a happier life! After 150+ guest interviews, these ten actionable habits are the ones that stand out as making the biggest difference in happiness & health. Keep reading …

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royal blue background with white text that reads what it really means to be healthy

200 What it Really Means to Be Healthy

What does it really mean to be healthy? Well it’s time to find out. I thought a lot about what to do for our 200th episode together. I have so much gratitude for you & it’s such a joy to get to connect here every week. So I asked the …

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Episode 177: Trade the never-ending to-do list for simple habits that move the needle.

Episode 169: Find your feel good with daily movement. Learn the joy of exercise snacking.

Episode 163: Finally design a morning routine you love – one that doesn’t take all morning.

Episode 164: Radically simplify your meal planning with a capsule meal plan.

Episode 150: Use the brain science of kindness to build a daily wellness routine that fills your cup.