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Hosted by Robyn Conley Downs, the Feel Good Effect Podcast combines modern habit design and mindfulness to fill your cup, empty your to-do list, and lead you to a life that feels good. Subscribe for free anywhere you get your podcasts by clicking below.

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blue background with white text that reads an announcement with robyn conley downs

An Announcement

Hey Feel Good Fam, I have something to share with you in this short & sweet episode! And it’s a little announcement about the podcast. We’re also talking about bringing the feel good mindset to your pressure for productivity and unpacking some key FGE concepts. Like perfectionism, all-or-nothing thinking, comparison, …

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pink text on a navy background that reads the habit loop with charles duhigg

The Habit Loop, an Interview with Charles Duhigg

In this interview we’re speaking with New York Times best selling author of The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg, about the habit loop and how you can use it to build better habits. Charles talks about how to figure out your habit loop, what drives your behavior, making a routine …

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pink background with navy text that reads the movement capsule what to track and measuring success

The Movement Capsule: What to Track & Measuring Success

This is the final episode of our three-part series for The Movement Capsule.  In part one we covered how to choose the right exercise for you. And in part two we explored when & how often to workout. In this episode, we’re talking about tracking and measuring success with exercise. …

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pink background with coral text that reads the movement capsule when and how often to workout

The Movement Capsule: When & How Often to Workout

In this episode of The Feel Good Effect, we’re continuing our three-part mini-series on movement, exercise, and working out. In The Movement Capsule we’re covering the what, why, how and when. Last week, we talked all about the what & walked through how to know what type of exercise is …

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Episode 177: Trade the never-ending to-do list for simple habits that move the needle.

Episode 169: Find your feel good with daily movement. Learn the joy of exercise snacking.

Episode 163: Finally design a morning routine you love – one that doesn’t take all morning.

Episode 164: Radically simplify your meal planning with a capsule meal plan.

Episode 150: Use the brain science of kindness to build a daily wellness routine that fills your cup.