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Hosted by Robyn Conley Downs, the Feel Good Effect Podcast combines modern habit design and mindfulness to fill your cup, empty your to-do list, and lead you to a life that feels good. Subscribe for free anywhere you get your podcasts by clicking below.

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white bowl with cabbage, tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, and limes with a silver spoon on a white rustic wood table.

Last Minute Dinner Ideas

Do you ever feel like you have no energy at the end of the day to think about cooking dinner?  You’re not alone – and a capsule grocery list can be a huge lifesaver!  We’re breaking down what it is, how to create your own, and sharing our free, downloadable …

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yogurt and fruit in a white bowl on top of a magazine and white table with cup of coffee on the side

Capsule Meal Plan

In this episode of The Feel Good Effect, we’re diving into the capsule meal plan! Including what it is, why it’s such a gamechanger for your healthy eating habits and how to do it. We’ll teach you how to make healthy and varied meal planning easier with just 5 simple …

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image of two candles on a gray stone with white textile background and eucalyptus

Self Care Day

In this episode of The Feel Good Effect, we’re diving into self care day! Including what that is, why you need it in your life and why it’s absolutely not selfish.  A self care day is a really good option if you don’t feel like you have time for self-care …

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flat lay of sliced fruits and veggies with a capsule grocery list on white background

How to Make a Capsule Grocery List

In this episode of The Feel Good Effect, we’re talking all about the capsule grocery list! This is going to change how you shop, how you eat, and add so much more ease to healthy eating and happy habits. We’ll break down what this is, why you’ll want to do …

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Episode 177: Trade the never-ending to-do list for simple habits that move the needle.

Episode 169: Find your feel good with daily movement. Learn the joy of exercise snacking.

Episode 163: Finally design a morning routine you love – one that doesn’t take all morning.

Episode 164: Radically simplify your meal planning with a capsule meal plan.

Episode 150: Use the brain science of kindness to build a daily wellness routine that fills your cup.