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Hi, I’m Robyn Conley Downs

I’m a speaker, educator, entrepreneur, and author of The Feel Good Effect: Reclaim Your Wellness By Creating Small Shifts That Create Big Change. Using simple, science-backed strategies, I’m here to help you cut through the clutter to uncover the small shifts that will make huge change in your life. Less striving. More ease. It’s time to feel good.

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Robyn Conley Downs is a speaker, educator, entrepreneur, podcaster, and author of The Feel Good Effect: Reclaim Your Wellness By Creating Small Shifts That Create Big Change. Holding a Master’s degree in education with an emphasis in behavior change, and 4 years of public policy & health change at the doctoral level, her work taps into cutting edge science around psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, and habits. Recently named one of the Most Influential Women in Wellness, she believes that small shifts in thinking and action create big change in life. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, Andrew, and their daughter Elle.

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