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A Yoga Flow + Meditation Video for Everyday

Today I am so excited to introduce you to my girl, Kait Hurley, from kaithurley.com.

Kait recently shared her story of chasing perfection and struggles with anxiety on the Feel Good Effect Podcast, and how a combination of movement and meditation helped her eventually tune-in and connect with herself.

The Magic of Meditation + Movement

Realizing this powerful synergy between movement and meditation, Kait was inspired to create a digital platform to help women connect with themselves in a deeper more meaningful way so they could live a happy, healthy, fit lifestyle.

Her method combines yoga, strength training, and heart-pumping aerobic work with meditation, and she encourages you every step of the way and meets you where you are, both physically and mentally.

A Yoga Flow + Meditation Video for Everyday

Kait knows that I recently completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training, and to celebrate we decided to team up to bring you this do-anytime Yoga Mat Stretch + Body Scan Meditation.

This Yoga Mat Stretch + Body Scan Meditation is perfect first thing in the morning, as a mid-day stretch and center, or to unwind after a long day.

Move, Meditate, Feel Amazing

We are bringing you this video in the hopes that you’ll take some time for yourself in the next few days to move, meditate, and feel amazing.

This short flow + stretch and meditation is also fun to do with a friend, so be sure to share with friends, family and on social to amplify the movement + meditation love!

Win a Free Subscription! 

Kait had generously offered Real Food Whole Life readers the opportunity to win a 30-day online subscription to kaithurley.com.

The online subscription includes videos ranging from 15 minute dynamic stretching and breathing exercises, to 60 minute challenging workouts that incorporate meditation to balance effort and ease.

Kait’s classes give students the flexibility to move and meditate in one video or just meditate.

Giveaway now closed–winners have been notified via email.

11 comments to " A Yoga Flow + Meditation Video for Everyday "

  • Laura Scott

    I am so excited about this video collaboration! I loved Robyn’s recent yoga class at Lululemon and was always a fan of Kait’s Barre3 classes. I’d love to shake up my routine and add some flow, movement, and meditation into the mix. Plus, I have a brand new yoga mat just begging to be put to the test!

  • Donna Griffin

    I want to learn to meditate, be more mindful and move more but struggle on how to begin. This looks like the perfect place to start and would live the opportunity to try it out for thirty days!!

  • Amanda Richardson

    Even though I completed a 10 day silent meditation retreat in Thailand, is have continuously struggled to incorporate meditation into my daily life. I dig guided meditations and would love to learn some new ways to approach meditation on my own.

  • Anna

    I love the combination work here! Kait’s approach to meditation just makes sense. It is definitely something I need more of in my life.

  • I want to win to gift it to a co-worker who struggles with all kinds of balance (physically and emotionally) due to various circumstances. I’d gift it to her as a tool to bring some uplifting words and movement into her life.

  • Stacey

    I need to focus more on myself and my well being. This subscription would really help with that.

  • Ashley

    So excited to learn meditation!! Love movement and want to become more mindful in the way I move!!

  • Sarah Bockemeier

    I would love to win the subscription because I have a high stress job. I sit all day so having access to yoga and mediation on line that I can fit in after work would be great to unwind with. I really need the stretching to help get the flexibility back after a long day at the desk in a chair.

  • Lori

    I have been feeling for awhile that I need to start a meditation practice and this would be perfect! I love the combination of movement and meditation.

  • I really enjoyed this video practice. I like the energy and encouragement Kait gives, and the renewing sense of nature I am now basking in. Id love to use the 30 day subscription to get in better shape and further my meditation practices. I lead a holistic lifestyle geared around lessening stress for anti viral effects, and an overall happy time! thank you both for this video!

  • Kelly S.

    While I’ve passively practiced meditation over the course of the last year (I find it super helpful to combat stress during the workday!), its importance has sky rocketed in the last week after a late-night ER trip with my husband. Thankfully he’s fine but one of the lifestyle changes his doctor prescribe is meditation (isn’t that amazing?!?!). I’d use this subscription as a tool to partner together to improve both of our lives and to get him started on his practice.

    Keep up the good work!

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