yogurt tahini sauce recipe


whole plain Greek yogurt tahini garlic cloves fresh lemon juice salt

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gluten-free vegetarian easily made vegan & dairy-free

Rich, creamy, and totally dippable, this yogurt tahini sauce recipe is perfect for serving with lamb, falafel, chicken, pita, or with a vibrant vegetable platter. It’s like the fluffy, protein-packed cousin of your favorite hummus dip (trust me, you’ve got to try it!).



In a mason jar or medium-sized bowl, stir together the yogurt, tahini, garlic, lemon juice and salt until smooth.



Serve immediately or store, refrigerated and covered, for up to 5 days.

For a dairy free and vegan option, simply swap the traditional Greek yogurt for an unsweetened plant-based option of your choice. Be sure to select a Greek-style yogurt, otherwise the sauce will be too thin. Note: I don’t recommend using low-fat yogurt for this recipe, as the sauce will be too watery.

Ingredient Tips & Simple Swaps

All you have to do is thin the sauce with a bit of pasta cooking water. Then toss with ½ pound of any cooked pasta of your choice!

To Make a Yogurt Tahini Pasta Sauce

As a dipping or drizzle sauce for: grilled or braised lamb falafel a veggie burger patty grilled or baked chicken

Fun Ways to Serve It

As a dipping sauce for toasted pita bread, crunchy pita chips or gluten-free crackers. As a creamy spread in a wrap or veggie-loaded sandwich. As the centerpiece of a vibrant vegetable platter.

More Serving Ideas

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