Real Food Whole Life turned 4 this week!

Which seems crazy and also totally right.

What started as an itty-bitty baby blog has grown into a website + instagram + podcast; and, more importantly, a brand + community + mission-based platform.

In the past 4 years of trial-and-error, experiments, and growth, there’s been a lot of learning.

Here are a handful of the biggest takeaways.

1|  Process Over Goal

It’s easy to chase outcomes, numbers, followers, pageviews–all those big shiny goals.

But really, it’s about the process.

Because those shiny goals never matter as much as you think they will, and goal-chasing has a way of stealing the joy right out of the moment.

Focus on today, this moment, showing up, making it count.

Less someday, more right now.

2 | Be You

The quickest way to slip into comparison spiral is to spend all your energy focused on what everyone else is doing, then counting on all the ways you don’t measure up.

Instead, be you.

Create your own lane. Then rock your lane.

Not everyone will get it. That’s fine.

Lots of people will. Those are your people.

The world needs more you.

3 | More Joy

If it’s not fun now, it probably will never be.

Have fun now.

Chase joy today.

Show up, work hard, do what you need to do.

But don’t forget that this is your life–your one and only–so, you know, make it a party.

4 | Gentle is the New Perfect

Beating yourself up it turns out, does not, in fact, make you any more successful in the long term.

Do you know what does?

Self-compassion. Gratitude. Gentle.

Living by #gentleisthenewperfect has been a game changer these past 4 years, and is how I’ll be navigating the next 4 as well.

5 | Small Equals Big

When I first started blogging I wanted everything right now.

Better at photography, better at recipe development, better at growing an audience, better sharing this message.

And I wanted it all right now.

But really it’s the cumulation of hundreds of small steps that are what matters.

Nothing has to happen right this very minute.

As long as you’re taking small steps every day.

Keep rolling the snowball down the hill and gaining momentum.

Growth will inevitably happen.

But Mostly, Thank You

After  4 years, I mostly just want to thank you.

Thank you for being here, for being part of this community.

Whether you’ve been here for 4 years or 4 days, I appreciate you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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