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4 Podcast Episodes to Love Your Body

April 25, 2019 (Updated on August 5, 2021)

The Feel Good Effect is a wellness podcast with a mission to unpack what it really mean to be healthy, with conversations based on an effective, gentle approach.

Hosted by Robyn Conley Downs, it’s a podcast about leaning out of wellness as another set of impossible standards, and leaning into self-trust, powerful mindset shifts, & radically simple strategies that really work.

Here are four of our favorite conversations on how to love your body, straight from the experts!

The Feel Good Effect podcast can be downloaded for free via your preferred podcast app—simply search the show by name, download your desired episodes (like those below), and hit subscribe so you never miss a new episode!

1 | Body Image and Redefining Success, with Katherine Budig

This episode, internationally celebrated yoga teacher, Kathryn Budig talks all about body image, redefining success, moving away from external validation to measure self-worth, and finding happiness in the digital media age.

Tune in here to love yourself in all aspects and to grab the show notes, or listen below.

2 | How to Stop the Weight Struggle & Create a Lifestyle of Wellness, with Danika Brysha

In this segment, Danika Brysha, curve model and founder of Model Meals, talks about finding body acceptance and big changes with small habits, finding your mission in everyday, and coming at change from a place of self-love.

Find you mission and get the show notes here or listen below.

3 | How to Nurture Self-Love in the Age of Digital Media, with Erin Treloar

In this conversation, beauty, confidence, and self-love expert Erin Treloar, from Raw Beauty Talks, takes us into the “why” behind criticism and negative self-talk, and then offers specific shifts to change our self-image.

Embrace self-love and read show notes here or listen below.

4 | 5 Practices to Love Your Body: The Psychology of Body Acceptance

Drawing on the science of cutting edge psychology and ancient teachings of mindfulness, we dive into 5 practices for body love with tactical practices that you can do right now to feel better in the skin that you’re in.

Embrace and read the show notes here or listen below.

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