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Simplified Self-Care for your Morning Routine

August 16, 2018 (Updated on July 13, 2021)

Self-care doesn’t have to be complicated, overwhelming or time-consuming, and can, instead, be all about the small ways that you tune in and take care of you.

The morning hours provide an amazing opportunity to practice self-care, and to start your day grounded and refreshed.

Read on for tips to simplify your self-care morning routine! 

The thing about self-care?

It doesn’t have to be time-consuming and overwhelming.

It can simply about all the small ways you tune in, listen to your body, and take small steps to take care of yourself.

And about flipping the script from what you should be doing, to focusing instead on what feels good.

So how make it happen in real life?

Consider incorporating self-care into your life where it fits, rather than forcing it to be yet another task.

Let’s dive into 9 simplified self-care ideas for your morning routine!

Feel Good Morning Self-Care Ideas

1 | Get up 15 minutes early and… read something that feeds your soul.

A book of poetry, science-fiction, trashy beach-read, inspirational quotes, yoga philosophy, crime novel, nonfiction, or a spiritual text — pick a book that’s calling your name, then set your alarm for 15 minutes early for a quick reading session, just for you.

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2 | Get up 15 minutes early and… simply sit and enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea.

The simple power of sitting and savoring can be a powerful way to practice self-care.

Turn your hot drink into a self-care morning ritual by tuning into your senses: smell, sound, touch, sight.

Even this small moment can make a big difference in your day.

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3 | Get up 15 minutes early and… journal or write.

Consider this 15 minutes of creative time.

Free write, gratitude journal, write an email to a friend, or start chipping away at that story you’ve always wanted to write.

4 | Get up 15 minutes early and… stretch or walk or yoga.

A little morning movement can do amazing things for your wellbeing all day long.

Throw on a pair of shoes and head out the door for a neighborhood power walk, throw down a mat and do some stretching, or pop on a yoga video and find your flow.

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5 | Get up 15 minutes early and… start working on your dream.

Have a dream you’ve been harboring in the back of your mind?

Consider this an invitation to start working on it, a little at a time. Register your domain, start researching shop locations, or peruse Pinterest for how-to posts.

Sure, 15 minutes isn’t enough time to get everything done, but it is enough to feel like you’re moving toward something instead of doing nothing.

6 | Take the extra 15 minutes of sleep.

Getting upa little earlier for self-care is fantastic, but sometimes the best self-care is listening to your body and taking the extra sleep.

If you’ve been sick, have a sick little one, or you’ve been up all night, give yourself permission to sleep. That’s the best self-care of all.

7 | Create a no-phone in your room policy.

The impulse to grab your phone and immediately start scrolling first thing in the morning can be hard to resist.

Make things easy on yourself by charging your phone in another room. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, consider investing in a stand alone option so your room can become a phone-free zone.

8 | Turn alerts off on your phone.

When you do finally grab your phone, the last thing you need in the morning is a bunch of alerts starting you in the face.

Trust me, all those demands on your time, attention and energy can wait. Go into settings, and turn the alerts off.

9 | Create a morning-only app folder on your phone.

Creating folders on your phone can be a great way to create boundaries for yourself when it comes to morning self-care.

Consider creating a folder on your phone for apps that contribute to feeling good: meditation, podcasts, spiritual inspiration.

Whatever it is, make a morning folder that you can open without getting distracted.

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What does your simplified self-care morning routine look like? Share in the comments and tag @realfoodwholelife on Instagram so I can see your practice!

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