How I’m Getting Ready for Swimsuit Season

1 | Saying No

No to body shaming, to self-loathing, to never ending self-criticism.

No to working late and email notifications.

No to living on social media instead of real life, and no the 24-hour news cycle.

No to regrets.

2 | And Also Saying Yes

Yes to slowing down, to staying up late, to breaking the rules.

Yes to backyard picnics, outdoor concerts, staycations, and road-trips.

Yes to present, to today, to this moment, to right now.

3 | Getting in the Pool

I’m getting ready for swimsuit season by putting my swimsuit on.

Getting in the pool.

Running through the sprinkler.

Soaking up the sun.

4 | Being in the Picture

This summer I will be in the picture.

With my daughter and my husband during this beautifully, perfectly imperfect time in our lives.

And when looking back at the pictures I want to say: “Look at how happy we were. How much fun we had. “

“How young I was.”

“How beautiful I was, without even knowing it.”

Except, scratch that.

Let’s change that to, “How grateful I was.”

“How beautiful my life was, and I knew it at the time.”

“How grateful I was for my strong body and the love I gave so generously to myself and to those precious people in the pictures.”

5 | Savoring More

How am I getting ready for swimsuit season?

By savoring the season.

Farmer’s market bounty.

Snap peas from the garden.

Hikes in the mountains.

Juicy slices of watermelon.

Ice cream cones with my girl, chocolate dripping down our arms.

Bike rides around the river.

Fresh peaches baked with vanilla and cinnamon.

Rosé in the backyard.

Marshmallows around the fire-pit.

I want it all, and I want to savor every single last bit.

6 | Leaning into the Mess

Summer gets messy.

Board game pieces and art supplies, shoes piled around the front door (why can’t anyone put their shoes away?!?), mud tracked through the house, popsicle wrappers strewn across the yard (why can’t anyone throw their wrappers away?!?)

Dirt around ankles and under fingernails at the campground, a car full of camping and sports equipment.

This summer?

This summer I’m leaning into the mess for all its worth.

7 | Practicing Gentle


This right here is my swimsuit-ready plan.

Practice gentle.

Be kind.

Let it go

Forget about perfect.

Because right here, right now?

This is as perfect as it gets.

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