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Feel Good Movement Essentials

November 8, 2021

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We believe exercise should feel good, to we’ve pulled together our favorite exercise essentials and online subscriptions to keep you moving!

Read on for our streamlined list of essentials, personal favorites and go-to gifts for bringing feel good movement into the everyday.

collage of favorite fitness and movement favorites on white background

Movement Favorites + Gift Ideas

Columbia Hiking Boots

I’ve put a lot of miles on these over the years and get a new pair every hiking season.

They’re lightweight yet waterproof (a must-have feature for PNW and coastal hikes), and come in a range of fun colors, too!

Osprey Waist Pack under $30

So functional for day hikes and fits everything you need, including keys, wallet, hand sanitizer, phone and a small water bottle.

Water Bottle under $20

We’ve all been there, knowing we should be drinking more water, but finding it hard to make it happen.

This glass water bottle has helpful little markers on the side to help with daily hydration goals so you’ll find yourself hydrated with ease by the end of the day.

Zella Live In High Waist Leggings

These comfortable, flattering, high waisted leggings are a daily movement and wardrobe staple.

Uptempo Long Sleeve Top

Comfy and made for cold weather workouts, this versatile long sleeve is just the things for walks, hikes, layering and travel.

Printed Yoga Mat

The print alone is so pretty but I love the practicality of it being machine washable too.

It comes with its own carrying strap, too, so you easily take it on the go.

Yoga Block + Strap Set under $30

If you have’t added these simple props to your home workout yet, this set will change the game!

This stylish yet practical set helps you to get safely get into poses and gently improve flexibility over time.

King Sized Heating Pad under $35

Rest & recovery is an essential part of any movement routine, and this mega-size heating pad is just the thing for easing sore muscles or just warming up after a chilly outdoor run or walk.

Round Meditation Cushion

Sure, a meditation isn’t a requirement for adding more mindfulness to your daily routine, but this gray & white minimalist pattern is so pretty it will definitely inspire you to pause and find more rest in your day.

Favorite Online Memberships & Apps

The Balanced Life Pilates online

I joined the Balanced Life Pilates online years ago and can’t imagine my life without it.

With a “grace over guilt” approach, a focus on balanced flexibility, strength, and mobility, and videos ranging in length from 15-60 minutes, this is an approach to movement you’ll actually by able to stick to!

Exclusive RFWL Discount Code: Use discount code “robyn20” for $20 off a Balanced Life membership.

DIY Peloton Bike

If you’ve heard the buzz about Peloton cycling, but aren’t ready to commit to the hefty investment, this DIY option might be for you.

I’ve done the research for you, and detailed the exact how-to for using the Peloton app at home with a regular spin bike in this post: How To Use the Peloton App Without the Peloton Bike

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