In this episode we’re diving into the 5 things I wish I’d know when starting my wellness journey.


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1. Gentle Over Perfect

It’s hard to be gentle when you have big goals.

But perfection is an impossible target, and holding yourself to such a standard is a quick way to burnout.

Plus, it’s just really difficult to maintain in the long run.

Instead try to be gentle in the process. 

2. Know and Honor What Works for You

Know yourself, your life context, and what works for you. Then honor it. 

3. Not For Skinny, Just For Me

External outcomes are fine, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight, get toned, eat healthier, or meditate more.

Try to keep in mind why you’re doing this, and then see if you can bring the focus inward.

4. There is More Than One Right Way to Do This

Even though there are a million prescriptive diets and wellness plans in the world, there is more than one right way to wellness.

Trust yourself in finding what works for you.

Not doing things according to a perfect plan does not mean you’re failing.

5. Step Back From Pushing Through and Lean into Support, Belief + Slow

If you find yourself pushing through, checking boxes, and missing the joy see if you can take a step back.

Is there a way to make some changes so that you’re working from a place of support, belief, and slowness?


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