Taesha Butler is the blogger behind the site, The Natural Nurturer. In her journey to health she lost over 70 pounds, and figured out how to feed a partner and child real, healthy food along the way. 

She is a full-time teacher and mother, and today shares family-friendly real food recipes, clean living tips, and natural parenting ideas. 

Taesha aims to empower parents and caregivers to raise their families in healthy way that fits into their busy lives, and today is breaking down real food for busy families and how to take care of yourself in the process.

Website: thenaturalnurturer.com

Instagram: @thenaturalnurturer


Taesha’s weight loss journey and how she lost over 70 pounds.

Handling family grief and finding food as a way to heal.

Finding a new healthy normal after baby.

Keeping an eye on small steps and celebrating small success.

Overcoming sheer exhaustion when it comes to incorporating real food and cooking.

Using the slow cooker to get dinner on the table (even when exhausted).

Letting go what you think dinner is supposed look like, and embracing what is.

Transitioning a family to real food by taking baby steps. 

Leading by example when it comes to real food.

Using muffin tin meals and choice to feed your child real food.

Putting together a real food lunch box.

Living simply and enjoying the little things in life.


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