Today we’re chatting with Sonja Overhiser, an author, recipe developer, podcast host, and healthy and sustainable food advocate.

Along with her husband Alex, she is creator of the A Couple Cooks website, a collection of whole foods recipes and inspiration for healthy and sustainable eating.

She is co-host of the A Couple Cooks Podcast, a show that features conversations with the freshest voices in food, including authors, farmers, and celebrity chefs.

Her work has been featured in national online and print publications, and she develops recipes for national brands.

Sonja is also the author of Pretty Simple Cooking, a cookbook that will release in February 2018 (Da Capo Press).


Instagram: @acouplecooks @sonjaoverhiser

Podcast: A Couple Cooks

Key Takeaways from this Episode

How to shift your diet away from processed and fast food to real food cooked at home.

Getting past the fear of starting.

Adopting an additive approach to eating real, whole food.

How to stay in the game when life gets tough.

Navigating the transition and unsettled seasons of life.


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