The Secret to Self-Care in Real Life: 20 Ideas Beyond Baths & Massages

Looking for the secret to self-care in real life?

This episode for the Feel Good Effect podcast is packed with ideas that go well beyond bubble baths, massages, and journaling.


Self-care is trending right now, and for good reason.

Because if self-care means intentionally taking care of yourself: mind, body, soul, then absolutely, let’s start a self-care revolution!

The problem?

All the self-care lists out there seem to be packed with ideas that frankly seem unrealistic.

Because as much as I love a good bubble bath + hour-long message, this working mama–who’s balancing entrepreneurship, family, life responsibilities, and taking care of herself–well, let’s just say there aren’t a lot of bubble baths happening around here.

Here’s the truth about self-care: It’s simply about all the small ways you tune in, listen to your body, and take small steps to take care of yourself.

It’s about flipping the script from what you should be doing, to focusing instead on what feels really good.

So how to make it happen in real life?

In this episode we dive into 10 self-care ideas beyond bubble baths, massages, and journaling

29 Real Life Self-Care Ideas Beyond Bubbles Baths & Massages

Read on for the full list . . . 

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