In this episode, we’re talking with Lisa Merkle, a self described yogi, event designer, and cancer survivor, about her life before cancer, how she navigated both western and eastern approaches to fighting the disease and healing her body, and what she learned through the process.

Diagnosed with cancer in July of 2016 and recently resurfacing from treatment, Lisa is moved to share lessons endured in an effort to educate and inspire others on the topic of cancer prevention and awareness.

As a certified yoga teacher, Holistic Health Coach, and with a background in photo and event production, Lisa launched an event and lifestyle design studio with a focus on serving clients associating with health and wellness trends.

She recently relocated to Miami after 17 years in New York City, with sights set on developing an Urban Farm in Overtown Miami: a food desert and historically underserved community in downtown Miami.

Prior to launching her own business, she spent a decade as Studio Manager at the photography studio of photographer Bruce Weber.

Key Takeaways

Living the wellness lifestyle before cancer.

Her symptoms and experience with treatment prior to the diagnosis.

Lisa’s cancer diagnosis, and the decisions she faced going into treatment.

The bias she held against western medicine, and how she worked with both eastern and western practitioners to address her illness.

Why the antithesis to polarization is inclusivity, to connect and to create a dialog.

The healing practices she implemented during treatment and recovery.

Why she chooses love over fear.

Lisa’s next project in Miami.

Show Resources

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead by Joe Cross

Judith Hanson Lasater Restorative Yoga

Far Infrared Bio Mat

Guest Information


Instagram: @lisamerkle212


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