Today we’re talking to Kristen Boehmer, founder and creator of the Living Loving Paleo website, where she shares nutrition, lifestyle, emotional health, and mindset mastery techniques.

Kristen was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the early age of 12, and after years of living her life severely ill, she took back control of her own health and completely transformed her life by changing her diet and lifestyle.

These days she works to inspire others to make healthy changes in their own lives, as she believes that we all should know what it’s like to feel our absolute best.

In today’s show we’re diving into what it’s like to live with a chronic autoimmune disease, and what the illness taught Kristen about resilience and listening her body.

Kristen shares how she changed her diet and lifestyle to facilitate healing, and how she handles setbacks.

We also discuss her training routine, and how she maintains a positive daily mindset.

Guest information

Website: Living Loving Paleo


Key Takeaways from this Episode

Thriving with an autoimmune disease.

Listening to your body and changing your diet for optimal health.

Handling setbacks with courage and grace.

Maintaining a positive attitude.

Creating a morning routine for wellness.


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