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Kait Hurley, kaithurley.com

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Kait Hurley is the founder of kaithurley.com. With a background deeply rooted in wellness, Kait is an educator whose mission is to help others move, meditate, and feel amazing.

As a  lifelong athlete with over a decade of experience in the health and wellness industry, she is dedicated to helping people feel strong and focused through their practice.

Guest Information

Website: kaithurley.com

Instagram: @kait.hurley


Overcoming body image issues.

Thriving with anxiety.

Why there are no quick fixes.

Common misconceptions about meditation.

Letting go of perfectionism and making exercise about connection.

Ways meditation can help you out of the negative self-talk loop.

How to bring awareness to the the messages you are sending yourself.

How to pair working out with meditation.

Practicing non-judgement and being more present.


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4 comments to " Kait Hurley, kaithurley.com "

  • Juli

    This podcast had me in tears while walking my dog on a glorious So. Cal. morning. So much of what Kait said resonated with me and the way I’ve thought and talked to myself for 40+ years. Amazing what a struggle it can be to talk to yourself with the same kindness you afford every other person you meet and not able to save much of that kindness for yourself.

    The podcasts are so good, Robyn. Keep going. I look forward to each one you post.

    • Robyn Downs

      Juli, I am so happy to hear this one resonated with you, and that Kait’s experience in particular hit close to home. It’s a practice to begin to show yourself compassion, but one that’s possible (and totally worth it). Sending love your way. Thank you for listening and being part of this community!

  • Alyssa Tripp

    This episode might’ve changed my life. I love what Kait said about letting negative thoughts enter your mind and simple acknowledging them rather than shoving them away. A lot of topics in this episode resonated with me and my experiences with anxiety. Thank you both for sharing your stories. Robyn, I love how thoughtfully you interview people. You ask all of the right questions and it shows that you’re a great listener. Such a pleasure to listen to you. Thanks for everything you do. You’re changing lives. Keep it up.

    • Robyn Downs

      Alyssa, so happy to hear this episode and Kait’s message resonated with you. Hoping to bring more about anxiety in the future. So grateful to have you in this community. Thank you so much for your kind words.