Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to the Feel Good Effect Podcast!

The Feel Good Effect podcast is about deconstructing and simplifying healthy, to help you live a happy, authentic, inspired life.

Each week you’ll find a new episode with health & wellness thought-leaders and visionaries who are thinking about health just a little differently.

My hope is that the show will give you inspiration to live your healthiest life, along with specific tactics, habits, and mindsets to make health & happiness practical and doable.

In the first episode I’m sharing my personal health story (along with some never-before shared details), and how I came to this place of starting a podcast. I’m also breaking down what you can expect in each episode. 

My hope is that you will absolutely love the show, and find a way to work in into your weekly wellness routine.

The show will be available right here on the site, as well as on Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Sticher, and Google Play each Wednesday.

I can’t wait to connect with you and discuss what it really means to be health. Here’s to feeling good!


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