38 How to Restore, Repair + Thrive with Mark Sisson | Real Food Whole Life

38 How to Restore, Repair + Thrive with Mark Sisson

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How to Restore, Repair + Thrive with Mark Sisson

We’re diving into mindset, ancestral + paleo diet/lifestyle, and the ketogenic diet today with Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple and Primal Kitchen.

Listen to learn about shifting from a pain and suffering mindset to one of restore and repair, transitioning from a high-carb diet to an ancestral way of eating, ketogenic diet 101, and the purpose of movement for Mark.


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Guest Information

Ancestral health pioneer and ex-endurance athlete, Mark Sisson, is the New York Times bestselling author of the The Keto Reset Diet, bestselling author of Primal Blueprint and Primal Endurance, and blogger at top-rated health and fitness website MarksDailyApple.com.

He is the founder of several companies: Primal Blueprint, Primal Kitchen®, Primal Kitchen Restaurants, and  Primal Health Coach.

Website: marksdailyapple.com

Instagram: @marksdailyapple

Podcast: Primal Blueprint Podcast

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