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39 Eating Local, CSA’s and Farm with Table with Andrea Bemis

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The Secret to Eating Local, CSA’s + Farm to Table with Andrea Bemis

We’re going behind the scenes with farmer + blogger Andrea Bemis, to hear her story and how she’e become a farmer.

Listen to understand organic vs. non-organic, why Andrea thinks local trumps organic, how to fall in love with vegetables, and embrace trying something new.

In this episode we dive into what life is really life living off the land, what a CSA is, how to eat locally (even if you’ve never tried it before), the secret to falling in love with vegetables, and so much more!


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Guest Information

Nine years ago Andrea Bemis and her husband Taylor packed their bags, ditched their minimum wage jobs and drove from Oregon to Massachusetts to learn how to farm.

Andrea was yearning to do something meaningful with her life, and her husband grew up on a 60-acre organic vegetable farm.

For the past eight years Andrea has blogged about their life as farmers on her website, sharing meal ideas and a lighthearted look at the not-so-glamorous life of living off the land.

Website: dishingupthedirt.com

Instagram: @dishingupthedirt

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