In this Feel Good Effect podcast episode, we are talking about the power of daily awareness, paying attention to what matters, and creating a day to day lifestyle of intentionality with Lalah Delia.

How to Harness the Power of Daily Awareness

You’ve likely heard about the importance of having more awareness, but it’s still so easy to fall back into autopilot.

Lalah’s message is about owning your power, stepping into your power, forgiving yourself for past mistakes, and practicing daily awareness.

On what led Lalah to write her new book, Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power:

Last time Lalah was on the show, she dove into what it was like growing up for her and influences from her parents.

She also talked a lot about the whole topic of Vibrate Higher Daily, which is so foundational in her growth, healing, and daily practice.

She wanted to put a more expansive idea out into the world

The book, Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power, contains poetry, affirmations, prompts, and a long-form with chapters.

This book is for us, for everyone with any identity, for anyone who is looking for more, looking to tap into their higher potential, looking to live their power.

“A lot of times we see the affirmations, we see the quotes and it feels good, we resonate with it, but… we don’t know how to hold it and carry it with us and embed it into our actual experiences.”

This book explains how to actually, practically live out all your favorite quotes.

It’s about how to really tactically take inspiration and turn it into action.

How Lalah combines modalities for her book:

Lalah knew from the beginning that she wanted to create a book with depth as well as with bite-sized pieces that someone could get just from scanning a single page at a time.

Her book is designed to journey with and meet you wherever you are with whatever you need.

“When we’re able to sit with something for a little bit… it has the opportunity to change us a little more.”

This biggest challenge for her was actually how much to put in her book.

It was like creating a meal– there are the appetizers, the main course, and the dessert.

This is meant to be a full course, a nutritional piece that just happens to be a book.

How to define what is enough:

The very applied process of creating a book is knowing what to keep, what to add, and when it’s enough.

Not everything that you think is going to be in a chapter is going to end up in it.

But get the ideas out so that what’s supposed to be there can come out in the process.

Just really leaning into it and surrendering to that was a huge learning experience for Lalah, just trusting that it was enough.

On “the path is a process”:

When we’re on our journey and transitioning from one place in our life to another, sometimes we think it’ll be instantaneous.

To know that there is a process is a relief in itself.

“To have awareness of what’s being called from within you and then how you’re being called to contribute outside of you is so important in the process.”

In today’s culture, the biggest word for this would be “woke”, which is really about this awareness.

This awareness, though, is a step further than being woke because you can be awake, but are you aware?

You can be awake and stumbling around, but when you’re aware, your concentration, focus, discernment, and intuition are a little sharper.

Sometimes we can be stagnant without knowing, so having awareness is truly important to know where you need to move on.

It takes courage to move on and away from the comfort of where we planted ourselves.

“We’re always growing, we’re always going to be planted into bigger containers.”

How to create a morning awareness routine to vibrate higher:

Lalah is a prolific creator.

She consistently creates content and publishes it week after week.

Not only did she write a book, but she continues to pour out.

Morning routines are rituals.

Whether you have one or not, that is your morning routine (not having one is a routine in itself).

For Lalah, her morning routine is about setting up the energetics of her day.

What is going to create the energy that I need for the day? What is going to nourish my vibrations in a way that’s going to help me thrive today?

No. 1: no matter how tempting it can be, Lalah always challenges herself to not get on social media before she has fed and nourished her spirit.

She needs to be rooted, grounded, and anchored in a way that she isn’t going to be pulled in a distracted way.

As a writer, she knows that her thoughts are going to feed her work for the day, so it’s important for her to have a clear channel that hasn’t been poured with an outside interference just yet.

She sits and allows her higher spirit, which for her is the highest, the divine, to pour into her.

She has a conversation and a moment of gratitude, sitting quietly, doing a few stretches.

She says a few words to her body, telling it to wake up and have a good day, sending a smile from within.

It’s amazing how the body will feel empowered just by that alone.

Within 45-minutes of waking, she also makes sure she’s drinking water.

“Consistency is what takes something you do one day and turns it into a lifestyle.”

How to Harness the Power of Daily Awareness with Lalah Delia

On self-checks:

A lot of us go on autopilot when we really need to pay attention to what works, how we feel, and how it’s affecting us.

It’s knowing what’s best for you because we are all vibrating at different frequencies.

We’re all in concert on this earth; it’s a big symphony.

In her book, Lalah talks about finding your note, finding what best serves you, what puts you in harmony with your highest potential and your best life.

There’s no way that you can live a higher vibrational life and not challenge yourself.

A self-check can be knowing what works for you and acting in that way.

It can also be journeying with grace and living in self-discipline, living in a way that is honoring yourself and challenging yourself to grow.

A self-check can look like thinking twice before yelling at someone on the road.

It can be asking, “are these the vibrations I want my cells to take on?”.

When you’re able to observe and self-check, it stops the spiraling and provides a way of self-accountability.

Vibrate higher where you can, be mindful out in public, and know that wherever you go you can’t control anyone else, but it is your opportunity to manage your own vibration.

“Take your energy back. Take your power back.”

How to Harness the Power of Daily Awareness with Lalah Delia

Self-checking is seeing where you can step back into your power.

It’s ourselves coming to our own rescue.

On acknowledging your younger self:

In the acknowledgment section of her book, Lalah thanks her younger self, among others, “no matter how hard it was, she did what needed to be done”.

“I’m so grateful that she did not give up. There are so many instances where she could have said ‘I’m stopping right here. This is enough. That’s it.’… But she kept going.”

Lalah recalls not knowing what the future would hold in each instance of her younger life, but she did know that there was something more, that there was a higher power, and that at the end of it she was going to be okay.

“As much as I feel I was cheering her on from the future, she was pushing me from the past.”

On what’s lighting Lalah up now:

The book is out in the world and it truly feels like stepping out into the great unknown.

Everything she’s been through brought her here and to share that with the world in a vulnerable but loving and nurturing way was trusting that this was what she was supposed to do.

Ultimately, Lalah wants people to feel like they are not alone and be able to connect with her story.

How to Harness the Power of Daily Awareness with Lalah Delia

On what it really means to be healthy:

“Healthy is a sense of wholeness for me. And it’s not that you have the wholeness right now, but you’re moving towards it. And I think that feeling that we have to be whole 24-hours a day is not realistic, but at least we are in the process of getting there… as much as I’m doing to get there, that’s enough… that’s awareness, that’s health, and that’s being there with myself and that’s enough. Loving yourself through it and journey in grace.”

Make it happen:

Make the intention to do a daily self-check.

This fits so well with the episode on the four R’s— consider treating those four routines as self-checks.

At some point during the day, ask yourself: what choices and behaviors served me well today or this week?

I love the strengths-based approach for this one, to really reflect on the choices or behaviors that are serving you, moving you toward your wellness goals.

Anytime is a good time to start.

Guest Bio

Lalah Delia is a certified spiritual practitioner, spiritual writer , and the founder of Vibrate Higher Daily, a vibrational-living online community and mentoring program.

Delia is an ambassador for Reebok’s #BeMoreHuman campaign, has spoken at panels across the country like SXSW and Girlboss Rally, and has been featured in various media outlets, including Glamour magazine, GirlBoss Radio, Bustle, Black Girl in Om, Elite Daily, LA YOGA, Hollywood Reporter, Thoughtful magazine, and Essence.

She recently moved back to her native Los Angeles, CA. More at

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How to Step into Your Power with Lalah Delia

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