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96 Want to Create a Natural Skincare Routine? Here’s How with Bethany McDaniel

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Do you want to create a simple, beautiful, natural skincare routine?

Or just find some simple swaps to replace those toxic ingredients on your shelf with safer alternatives?

Want to Create a Natural Skincare Routine? Here’s How

Are you ready to create a natural skincare routine?

That’s exactly what we’re talking about in this conversation with Bethany McDaniel, founder of Primally Pure.

We’ll walk you through some simple swaps and troubleshooting for when you first switch to all natural skincare products as well as Bethany’s beauty routine and favorite products


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Bethany grew up dealing with a lot of skin sensitivities in a not-so-naturally-minded home.

When she met her husband and his family, she was introduced to eating real food.

It was appealing to her; she had always been interested in health but never really knew where to start.

She tried a variety of diets, wanting something to cling to, but she never thought it could be something as simple as eating real food, getting enough sleep, or moving her body.

She was intrigued, so she cleared up her diet and started taking baby steps.

Around the same time, her husband’s family started a farm and she had begun formulating skincare products for herself and family.

After getting encouraging feedback on her products, she started listing them on the farm website.

It started picking up steam, and eventually it got to the point where she had to move her business to a website of her own.

About 6 months into the business, she found out she was pregnant with her first daughter, which gave her the push to hire somebody on and move the business out of her kitchen and into a separate space.

Now, Primally Pure is a team of 28 employees in a new, larger space.

Bethany’s business was sparked by her interest in natural skincare.

She dealt with different skin issues, constantly in and out of the dermatologist, on antibiotics too frequently, trying different creams and ointments, and having bad reactions to what she tried.

She always wondered, though, if there was something she could be changing in her diet or something else other than medicine, but her dermatologist always told her no.

The first natural product Bethany tried and loved was jojoba oil; she noticed a big difference just by swapping out whatever moisturizer she was using at the time for jojoba oil.

And then when she met her husband and learned about the whole other side of things, which really started her journey into wellness and natural skincare.

On flipping the script on mindset:

Bethany tried so many things, really searching for the right diet, always wanting to be a healthy person and feel her best.

When she was turned onto this simplified way of doing things, she started making one little switch at a time.

Every shift encouraged her more, making it easier to keep going and wanting to learn.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by having done everything “wrong” her whole life, instead, she took it one step at a time and focused on making small swaps and really developing new habits slowly.

There was just starting to be so much information out there when Bethany started this journey.

She knew, that health and wellness were so much more simple than the world makes it out to be, but everyone has their own journey and you can’t force anyone else to change, which was the hardest part.

There are still areas Bethany looks to improve, but it’s better to go at a pace you’re comfortable with, keep the stress down, and make it a fun transformation.

Infuse joy and flip the script to process over goal; enjoy the learning instead of creating a sense that you need to fix everything at once.

“Take it one step at a time”.

On the challenges of creating natural products:

There are a lot of challenges that come with working with natural ingredients, but it’s not even something Bethany thinks about replacing with synthetic alternatives.

A big reason why she’s able to work with natural ingredients and sell natural products is because Primally Pure is a direct to consumer brand– they aren’t available in any stores so they don’t sit on a shelf waiting for someone to buy it.

Because they are selling directly to their customers, they’re able to control the amount of time between making a product and getting it into the customer’s hands.

Another factor that comes with natural ingredients is the consistency of the products.

They’re more sensitive to heat or cold compared to less natural products, so Bethany likes to make sure customers know what to expect and how to take care of their products.

It just takes a simple mindset shift to understand what it means to have these kinds of products that come with great benefits.

Even just since Primally Pure got started, there have been some big growth in the natural beauty industry.

“People are just so much more warm to the idea of using natural products”.

And even though they still work to educate people about why it’s important, it’s not as foreign.

On the benefits of switching to natural products:

  • In one study, 99.9% of breast cancer tumors were found to have parabens in them.

  • Deodorant is something we use every single day in such a sensitive, absorbent area.

  • Synthetic ingredients have the potential to disrupt hormones and cause toxic build up in the body.

  • It’s the combination of all the toxic products used that starts to build up in the body and overtime cause problems.

It’s not about tossing all your products with chemicals in them or something terrible will happen, but it’s just not good to do it with every product every day.

“The more natural swaps you can make, the better”

When you think about it as a lifetime of using toxic products, for years and years, that’s when the problems can happen.

Bethany’s #1 recommended switch: deodorant.

  • Fragrance is also huge, both in what we spray onto our bodies as well as fragrance in our products, like heavily scented lotions or candles.

  • One thing to note if you switch to a natural deodorant: if you switch from an antiperspirant, you’re going to sweat a lot more (for a little bit) with the natural, aluminum-free deodorant.

Concerned about reacting to the product?

  • A lot of people are sensitive to baking soda, so there may be an initial reaction to the baking soda in natural deodorants.

  • Baking soda works really well at preventing odor, though, so Bethany has worked to find a balance in her products to eliminate odor and not cause reactions for majority of people.

Concerned about getting it on your clothes?

  • Bethany applies deodorant before getting dressed to give it some time to absorb so it doesn’t transfer to clothes.

  • She only recommends using one to three swipes; it’s not necessary to use more and it’s more likely to get on your clothes.

Tip: how you eat can affect how much you sweat and how much your sweat smells or doesn’t smell.

Tip: exercising frequently can allow your body to sweat out toxins so you’re not getting rid of it over the course of the day.

View it as an experiment and figure out what works for you and affects you.

“Getting to the root of the problem as opposed to masking the symptoms”

On Bethany’s evening beauty routine:

1 | Whenever she can, Bethany takes a bath.

2 | She loves using Primally Pure cleaning oil: it works really well as a cleanser, but it’s also just a really soothing experience that helps you wind down.

3 | She follows up with Primally Pure Everything Spray: to use it as a toner, you can either spray it on or apply it with a cotton round.

4 | Primally Pure is coming out with new face serums this month!

There are three options:

  • A plumping serum for aging skin

  • A clarifying serum for acne and blemishes

  • A soothing serum for sensitive skin.

5 | Coming soon: face masks that cater to the same skin concerns.

As a mama, these little moments are a whole ritual and experience.

“Motherhood allows us to appreciate those little moments of joy”

Remind yourself that you’re a priority and infuse joy into wellness.

On being a working mama and taking care of yourself:

Bethany is trying to be more intentional about the things she has to be a part of and the things that she doesn’t.

As an entrepreneur, it’s difficult to not be involved in everything.

But she empowers her team to make certain decisions and go about things without needing as much of her approval or guidance.

She’s thinking more about the things that she needs to be a part of and the things that she doesn’t, trying to let go of the things she doesn’t need to be as closely involved with.

It gives her more mental freedom to really focus on her kinds when she’s with them, instead of all the lingering tasks.

On what it really means to be healthy:

“I think true health is not just about physical health, it’s so multifaceted, so mind body spirit, a culmination of those three things and really trying to grow in knowledge and in applying what you learn every day… always growing and keeping things well rounded”.

Guest Bio

Bethany McDaniel founded Primally Pure in 2015 out of her passion to share the natural skincare solutions she had discovered with others.

As a teenager and young adult, Bethany struggled with acne, rosacea and various skin sensitivities. She tried a variety of creams and prescription medications, but nothing gave her lasting results. Somewhere in the midst of her skin struggles, Bethany’s family spontaneously started a beyond organic livestock farm called Primal Pastures. Her family’s journey with the farm opened her eyes to an entirely new way of living and caring for the body naturally.

This new lifestyle inspired Bethany to switch to all-natural personal care products.  After purging her bathroom cabinets of toxic conventional skincare products, Bethany began formulating her own replacements with real, recognizable ingredients.  Much to her surprise, the products she made actually worked better than the dozens she had tried in the past.

Bethany began selling her formulations on the Primal Pastures website and was completely surprised and overwhelmed by the positive response from customers in her Southern California community. Her home was quickly overrun with coconut oil, glass jars/bottles and shipping boxes, causing her to move the business into an office/warehouse space just a year later.

Today, Primally Pure continues to grow at a rapid pace and Bethany remains passionate about providing customers with all-natural and non-toxic skincare products that support radiant skin, a healthy body and a happy self.



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