How to Create a Morning Routine in Less Time with More Impact

Morning routines: you know that creating a streamlined and simple routine can make a huge difference in your day.

But who has the time?

Today on the Feel Good Effect Podcast, we’re deconstructing the exact steps to create a morning routine in less time, and with more impact.

And don’t worry, this isn’t about some perfect ideal that works for someone else.

This is about creating a routine that works for YOU. Let’s make it happen!

10 Steps to Create a Simple, Impactful Morning Routine

1 | Intentionality: Know Your Why

2 | Know Your Personality

3 | Go on a Decision Diet

4 | Set a Time + Skip the Snooze

5 | Limit Consumption

6 | Micro Mindfulness

7 | Balance: Sleep & Season

8 | Balance: Partner, Travel, Weekends

9 | Should vs. Good

10 | Gentle is the New Perfect


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Episode 15: The Four Tendencies

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