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42 A Quick Guide for the Perfectionist: What to Do (and Not Do)

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What to do (and not do) if you’re a perfectionist

We all have an image in mind when we think of a perfectionist.

Impeccably dressed, clean home, always arriving on time, having it all together.

And while that image is certainly one way of perfectionism can show up, it’s not the only way.

Perfectionism shows up in different ways for different people.

So just because you don’t fit the stereotype image of the perfectionist, doesn’t mean perfectionism isn’t a mindset that’s affecting your life, or holding you back from where you want to be.

In this episode we’ll dive into why you might be a perfectionist (and not even know it), plus how this mindset may be holding you back from your wellness goals, as well as what to do (and not do) about it.



A Quick Guide for the Perfectionist
How to Let Go of Perfectionism

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