We’re taking a deep dive into getting started with a wellness routine that you’ll actually be able to stick to in real life in today’s episode of the Feel Good Effect podcast.

By the end of the show you’ll have an actionable plan to get started with your own routine today!

Part One: Set for Success

1 | It’s Not Self-Care, It’s Self-Compassion

2 | The Wellness Trifecta 

3 | Rethink Success 

Part Two: Food & Movement

4 | A Fresh Start

5 | Nourish in the Middle

6 | Finishing Strong

7 | The Right Amount of Movement for You

Part Three: State, Track, and Ground in Self-Compassion

8| Gentle Goal, Contingency goal, Kindness Statement


More on a Fab Four meals: Episode 003 with Kelly LeVeque.

Nut-Free, Dairy-Free Pesto recipe.

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