Natalie Franke Hayes is an entrepreneur, mobilization marketer, community builder, and neuroscience nerd. As one of the Founders of the Rising Tide Society and the Head of Community at HoneyBook, she leads tens of thousands of creatives and small business owners while fostering a spirit of community over competition.

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Instagram: @nataliefranke


How to build a mindset of community over competition online.

Figuring out what lights you up and finding your calling.

Eradicating isolation and helping people feel like they are not alone.

Overcoming fear and living courageously.

Starting small and building momentum beyond insecurities and fear.

How to not be a passive observer of your life.

Building relationships with a goal to build others up.

Being imperfect together and fighting for each other, not against each other.

Combating comparison and competition with vulnerability and connection.

Making the distinction between a brand on social media and a human being.

Prioritizing what you value.

Setting a timer and being efficient with your time on social.

Turning it all off or participating in a total digital detox.

How balance can be defined in quality (not quantity) of time.

On how to be intentional and protective of personal time.

Quotes from Natalie

“Whatever you do when you first open your eyes is what you prioritize in your life.”

“As long as we are constantly trying to discover that calling, that purpose, and work toward making an impact, not just for ourselves or for others, that’s where the magic happens.”

“Fear will always be with you. It’s like breathing. It’s like heartbeat. It is there. It is going to be a part of your makeup forever. However, you can chose to act in spite of it. And that’s courageous. That’s living courageously.”

“Social media is glass windows into a curated space that we believe to be truth. But it’s not.”


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